Cessna Pushes Flying Lessons

Target of SHS Ads: Men Seeking Adventure
CHICAGO–Seeking to tap into a prosperous population’s growing quest for adventure, Cessna Aircraft is making a major push to sign up more student pilots with work from Sullivan Higdon & Sink.
Cessna is reaching out to potential aviators with the tagline, “Fly. And be free.” One impetus for the campaign is an exclusive new CD-ROM instruction set the company is offering that allows students to learn without “ever having to crack a book,” said Lathi de Silva of SHS in Wichita, Kan.
The company plans to spend the bulk of its estimated $1 million annual ad budget on the pilot training push.
Print advertising will break in April issues of various magazines and run through September. The media buy includes such macho journals as Cigar Aficionado, Backpacker, Men’s Journal and Runners World. Targeted are men who earn upwards of $75,000 a year, are between 25 and 49 and have “an inherent desire to conquer, understand and appreciate the world,” according to SHS.
Print ads take a now-or-never approach. “You only live once,” reads one headline. “Make it count. Learn to fly.”
Cessna is also based in Wichita. Pilot training is handled through Cessna Pilot Centers in Independence, Kan.