The CES 2013 Gallery

A roundup of eye-catching products from this year's CES bonanza

At last week's Consumer Electronics Show, Adweek went hunting at the Las Vegas Convention Center, looking for fun, weird or otherwise head-turning products.

Inside you'll find a round up of some of the toys and tools that managed to grab our attention through the monstrous, miles-long clutter of the booths—relentlessly flashing light shows, scantily-clad booth girls, and an abundance of other cheesy and sleazy but occasionally brilliant gimmicks aimed at luring the hordes of press, buyers, and other attendees into the web of breathless sales pitches.

"Would the world exist without pinball?" asked Gary Stern, president of Stern Pinball, at his booth in the South Hall. "Yeah. But a little bit of the fabric of life would be gone."

View the CES 2013 Gallery here

Photos by Alfred Maskeroni