Seeking a unique way to market Missy Elliott’s new album, Under Construction, Elektra Entertainment Group in New York has devised a promotion that allows consumers to enter a contest via their cell phones.

Using technology from not13 in London, Missy Elliott fans can send a text message from their cell phones to an address cited in ads to enter a con test to win up to $1 million and other prizes.

In addition, www.missymobile.com, which debuted on Nov. 1, has Missy Elliott-related applications for mobile devices.

“We feel like the text ing technology from cell phones is already widespread amongst younger people, and about to explode into mainstream use,” said Brian Cohen, Elektra svp of marketing. “We know that younger people who are into Missy are exactly the people messengering on cell phones, so we thought this was the right time to do this kind of promotion.”

So far, thousands of people have entered the contest, which ends on Dec. 15. Cohen was not bothered by the fact that Americans have so far been reluctant to use cell phones for anything other than talking.

“We realize we’re on the front end of technol ogy,” he said. “But Missy is on the front end of what she does musically.”