Celebrity Heat

One of the perks of the ad business is the occasional chance to work with stars, or at least with those whose past achievements still get them occasional commercial work.
The folks at The Hughes Group in St. Louis recently had a brush with greatness during the filming of commercials for Armstrong Air, a heating and cooling equipment division of Lennox International.
As part of their research, Hughes creatives explored various ways animals keep themselves hot and cold. Penguins, it turns out, huddle close together to stay warm, while elephants flap their large ears and spray themselves with water to stay cool.
Casting in L.A. turned up three penguins who had appeared in one of the Batman movies. The quasi-celeb birds took direction fairly well, huddling in front of a suburban homeowner’s front door on a cold day. Asked in, they make themselves at home and are offered a sardine by the owner, whose domicile is snug thanks to an Armstrong furnace.
Hughes president Jim Schnurbusch said that, unfortunately, the penguins weren’t well trained enough to answer his staff’s most burning question: “What’s Danny DeVito really like?”
–Trevor Jensen