CEA Retools Chevrolet Creative

New Setup Expected to Allow Greater Flexibility and Cohesion
DETROIT–Campbell-Ewald Advertising is adopting a new creative structure for its Chevrolet business in an effort to achieve greater flexibility in its approach to models under the brand.
The former creative structure was based on a vehicle lineup that clearly delineated cars and trucks, said Bill Ludwig, vice chairman and chief creative officer at the Warren, Mich., agency. The invasion of hybrid vehicles that blur the car-truck distinction rendered that system obsolete.
The new structure allows the agency to better handle the unique nature of individual brands for Chevy, the General Motors division that is its biggest client, Ludwig said.
Instead of splitting creatives into separate car and truck groups, the new structure has four senior point teams responsible for groups of brands and 16 additional creative teams available to work on any of the brands.
The point teams and creative teams all report to Jim Gorman and Joe Puhy, executive vice presidents and executive creative directors.
“When we had the car and truck groups, we had the teams themselves all working on sort of one thing,” Puhy said. “Even though there are individual brands within each of the car and truck segments, truck was truck and car was car; and how many times do you work on the same thing and start repeating?”
The new structure is intended to make for more cohesive advertising–“not into one campaign, because that’s not what we’re doing, but closer together in feeling and mood,” Puhy said.
There will also be a greater emphasis on strategic thinking with Arthur Mitchell, executive vice president and creative director. Mitchell formerly led the creative team for Chevy car and now becomes director of strategic planning, a new position. His responsibilities include long-term strategic planning for GM, new business and other clients.
The leadership of the four point teams will be senior creatives Jon Stewart and John Clarey heading one team, Rich Weinert and Kathy Speck directing another, Patrick O’Leary and Robin Todd leading a third, and David Johns and a yet-to-be-named partner heading the fourth. K