CD&M Wins Health Assignment

CD&M Communications last week expanded its cache of assignments from the Maine Bureau of Health, picking up programs de signed to combat obe sity and promote ex ercise among state residents.

The Portland, Maine, shop was awarded a 17-month contract worth nearly $5 million after a shootout with cross town agency Bur gess Advertising. CD&M also retains Maine’s anti-smoking initiative, which was included in the review.

CD&M added two programs under the banner Healthy Maine Marketing Initiative. One is dubbed the Community Health Promotion Program and is designed to promote improved nutrition statewide. The Maine Cardiovascular Program stresses the importance of physical activity to good health.

Work will likely include print and broadcast advertising, as well as public relations, collateral and Web site design, ac cording to agency representative Bob Stein.

Though the campaign is still in the stra tegic-planning stages in terms of both creative direction and media mix, efforts will most likely focus on youth. Youth were also tar geted in the shop’s ads for the anti-smoking account, Stein said.

Since 1998, CD&M has held the Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine account, producing print and TV efforts with the theme “Quit for your kids.” Three TV spots featured children talking about relatives lost to smoking-related diseases. Print ads ad dressed children’s fears of losing a parent to these diseases.

Tobacco use among Maine high school students has dipped 36 percent over the past four years. Officials from the Bureau of Health credit the high price of cigarettes and CD&M’s campaigns.

The bureau works with the state Department of Education to implement its program in schools and with community organizations to promote the Healthy Maine age nda at the local level. “Through CD&M’s past work with [Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine], as well as our work [with other healthcare organizations], we now know a lot about how to educate and motivate Maine people on public-health issues,” Stein said.

Since its founding in 1970, CD&M has created campaigns for clients such as the Maine Medical Center, Western Maine Health and the Maine Lung Association.