CCF Ads Urge Smokers to Quit

Clarity Coverdale Fury uses tactics both light and heavy to encourage smokers to quit in the second phase of its campaign for the Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco.

The print, outdoor, TV and radio campaign uses several approaches to appeal to a range of smokers, from those who are thinking of quitting to those who have tried to quit several times, said Jac Coverdale, creative director at the agency.

“The overall strategy is to do a comprehensive campaign, so that everywhere people look there’s lots of different messages,” he said. “Findings from the Centers for Disease Control [show] that everyone is in a different frame of mind about smoking.”

For instance, one of the TV spots takes a lighter approach, depicting a father struggling to hold his breath while changing his son’s dirty diaper. Text touts the increased lung capacity one gets from quitting. A second spot shows a toddler walking through his grandfather’s waiting arms because he is a ghost. Text for that ad reads, “Be there tomorrow. Stop smoking today.”

“We try to have a variety of messages out there,” Coverdale said. “You have to be careful of your message so that it isn’t preachy.”

The campaign breaks this week in Minnesota, though it’s possible the work will be picked up by groups in other states, said MPAAT representative Lynn Kenagy.

CCF won the $5 million account in January after a review.