CC, DoubleTake Bringing Ads to Baggage Carousels

Airplane passengers waiting for the bags at the baggage carousel will soon have something else to stare at besides an endless circle of suitcases. Clear Channel Airports and DoubleTake Marketing announced a partnership Tuesday (June 2) to wrap ads around baggage carousels.

The AdSpressive Graphic, which allows advertisers the ability to display messages on the moving portion of the carousel will be available in major airports including Chicago O’Hare, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, Chicago Midway, Kansas City, Albany and Gulfport. Ad sizes range from 20 foot segments to an entire bag belt.

According to research from Arbitron, the airline traveler is a highly desirable target. They are more likely to be highly educated, business decision makers and discerning shoppers with an annual household income in excess of $100,000 per year.  

“With the challenges facing companies in today’s economy, we are finding that advertisers are seeking innovative and fresh ideas of how to best reach their targeted demographic,” said Zack Clark, co-founder and chief operating officer for DoubleTake Marketing. “While [travelers] wait for luggage to arrive from the plane, this high-end group views the moving ads, exponentially increasing the exposure of our advertising clients.”