CBS Outernet Builds Out GameStop TV Network

Continuing to expand the out-of-home video offerings in its CBS Outernet division, CBS announced Wednesday (Oct. 29) it had made significant progress in building out its digital network in GameStop TV network. In addition, CBS Outernet added new thematic content and inventory for its Grocery TV network.

Since inking a deal with GameStop in June, CBS Outernet has so far installed a new, high-definition, digital network with 40″ LCD screens in 1,500 GameStop stores. Installation of the remaining 2,500 stores will be completed by June 2009.

CBS Outernet’s Grocery TV Network in 1,500 stores recently unveiled thematic content pods that allow advertisers to more precisely target their advertising around relevant topics to consumers, such as home, kids, meal ideas, wellness and beauty. The pods, designed to to extend brand messages and support merchandizing objectives, may be packaged with 10-second promotional billboards.

“We are committed to expanding our host of products and services and to helping retailers and advertisers reach the right people with the right message at the right time,” said Virginia Cargill, president of CBS Outernet.