CBS, Limbo Team for Mobile Promo

NEW YORK In an effort to get people to tune into its new show, Viva Laughlin, CBS has partnered with Limbo on a mobile interactive game.

In the run-up to the show’s Oct. 18 debut, consumers have a chance to win up to $5,000 by texting in the short code 41414, or accessing the game through, as well as through CBS’ ad buy.

The show is about gambling in a Nevada town called Laughlin, which aims to capture the excitement of Las Vegas. It is part drama, part musical, with characters breaking out in song during critical junctures of the story line.

“The game incorporates subtle messaging about Viva Laughlin,” said Jonathon Linner, CEO of mobile entertainment company Limbo.

In addition to signing up for the game on Limbo’s Web site, the consumer can click onto the box for Viva Laughlin and watch a preview of the show.

Linner said Limbo’s strategy focused on “how can [the client] be at the top of someone’s mind?” The ultimate effectiveness of the tie-in remains with the show; consumers who want to know if they’ve won can only learn the results during the premiere broadcast.

Separately, Limbo has partnered with Verizon Wireless in another promotional tie-in. This deal involves the National Football League and “time of possession,” mirroring how much time a team is on offense during a game. The interactive mobile game offers a chance for consumers to win prizes, dictated by the tempo of play. Prizes include NFL team merchandise.

Consumers can access the game by texting a short code, logging onto or going to an NFL team’s online mobile “in-zone.” The game begins when the keyword Bills, Giants, Ravens or Eagles is typed after entering the short code.

Verizon’s goal is to get consumers to use more of the features on their wireless handsets, said Linner. This might include downloading a Buffalo Bills ring tone or a Giants screensaver. “There are numerous data services contained on a handset. These games allow consumers to use some of them that they might not otherwise,” Linner said.