Caught On Camera

The X-ray of the valise reveals a weapon–a gun of some sort. Has a terrorist attack been foiled by airport security?
It’s not a security photo–it’s Leagas Delaney in London’s latest work for high-end leather goods maker Tanner Krolle. The campaign features three print ads using an X-ray of a woman’s handbag, one revealing a water pistol inside.
Other items revealed by the X-ray: a voodoo doll studded with needles (shown here) and a rattlesnake.
In light of recent terrorist attacks, did the agency hesitate before making the water pistol ad?
No, said Bruce Haines, group chief executive at Leagas. “The idea of connecting a luxury brand to terrorism would be the furthest thing from our mind. You can’t do a lot of damage with a water pistol.”
Haines said the issue didn’t come up during the creative process. The ads are intended to avoid standard handbag ad conventions–usually a shot of a beautiful woman carrying the product, he said.
Ads broke this month in magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue.
–Justin Dini