In a business where both agencies and clients are constantly searching for their “niche,” JacobDavis Productions has probably succeeded.

The Orlando, Fla., shop boasts it is the “world leader in card-stunt production,” a claim supported by the two Super Bowl halftime programs under its belt.

JDP creates and carries out the stadium shows involving tens of thousands of card-carrying fans who deliver the original version of instant messaging.

The shop’s most recent production—a patriotic halftime card stunt kicking off the Seattle Seahawks’ new football stadium—was performed last Sunday.

“[The stadium] represents a huge milestone for Seahawk fans,” said JDP president Joe Kivet. “Card stunts are a unique way to allow audiences to participate in these kinds of special occasions.”

JDP’s projects are hardly sleight of hand. Staff members began working on the show with some 32,000 Seattle school kids and other fans last May.