Casting call

Copywriter Phil Gayter didn’t think anything of it when, a new Euro RSCG Tatham client, invited him to help out on the production of its first radio spot.
He was more than a bit surprised, however, when he was faced with a cadre of the Chicago company’s employees, with no actors in sight.
“They arrived en masse,” Gayter says. “It was like a family outing.”
When Gayter asked where the talent was, his new client answered: “We’re it.”
Gayter said using company chief executive officer Joe Duddleston and two of the apartment search service’s staffers as voiceovers for the spot helped capture the essence of the tagline: “Real apartments for real people.”
Gayter himself stepped in as director, and he said the impromptu casting call worked well.
“The real nature of these people really came across,” he said.
–Jenn Goddu