Cashing in the Chips

Terra, the makers of high-end, multicolored veggie chips, is crunching out its first consumer ad campaign.
The work, by Lotas Minard Patton McIver in New York, evokes an upscale soirƒe. A drawing shows a dressed-up couple kissing, each with a Terra chips bag behind the other’s back. Copy reads, “Mark your Terra-tory.” The tagline: “Must get hands on Terra.”
The ad is slated to break in November issues of Martha Stewart Living, Cooking Light and Natural Health, and will run through the end of the year. Radio spots that give voices to the fancily-dressed characters will bow in March in Boston and New York markets.
Terra “is kind of expensive for a potato chip,” said brand manager Larry Mass.
“We wanted to poke fun at our premium image The characters are upscale, but they’re having fun.”
LMPM won the account after a February review; LaRonda Davis and Y†cel Erdogan served as creative directors on the campaign. Terra is owned by The Hain Food Group in Uniondale, N.Y.
–Emily Fromm