CaseDunlap Gathers Its Forces

CaseDunlap, a 25-year presence in the Dallas advertising community, this week begins operating as Tic Toc. The name change follows its acquisition of three other promotional agencies.

The agency recently completed a yearlong series of mergers and acquisitions which included the assimilation of Promark in San Francisco as well as local firms PSG and Tic Toc.

In addition to grouping all the companies under the Tic Toc banner, CaseDunlap has reintegrated its spin-offs that operated under separate names: CD Incentives, Instore Solutions and Digital Solutions.

“The objective was to broaden the scope of services we offer our clients,” said Tic Toc chief executive officer Kevin Lippincott, while creating a single, powerful agency brand.

Although the CaseDunlap name had “a ton of brand equity,” according to agency president Michael Cobb, who served in the same capacity at Tic Toc prior to its acquisition, “we just looked at how we’re going to expand and diversify … and thought the Tic Toc name was better suited to facilitate that.”

From about $55 million in billings, Tic Toc jumps to $150 million with 150 employees in Dallas, San Francisco and Chicago. The new company, part of Omnicom’s Diversified Agency Services division, is located in CaseDunlap’s downtown Dallas headquarters.

The acquiring agency has long focused on promotional products and services, incentive marketing work and point-of-sale projects. Promark, said Lippincott, “really has occupied the space of branded merchandise, catalog and fulfillment. Partnering with them gave us an additional opportunity to do package promotions.”

The former PSG and Tic Toc operations both specialized in custom product promotions, particularly those targeted to children and families.

“We felt they were both strategic because they gave us greater penetration and depth in these areas,” Lippincott said.

“It is truly amazing to see how the synergies of this combined organization have already created a lot of buzz in the marketing community,” Lippincott continued. “By bringing all of these companies together … we not only bring together great people, we are creating a much stronger talent base.”

Tic Toc’s current client roster is topped by the likes of Pizza Hut, Frito-Lay, Nokia, JC Penney, E! Network, Sherwin-Williams and Sun Microsystems.