Case Study: Mitchum’s Sweet Smelling Campaign

The Problem
Antiperspirant manufacturer Mitchum wanted to make sure its message reached its target consumer (guys who care about smelling good) at the time and place they need it the most.

The Plan
Each of the past three years, Mitchum partnered with Hanger Network to place advertising on its EcoHangers (a hanger made from 100% recycled material). Hanger Network boasts relationships with 35,000 dry cleaners nationwide so consumers came face-to-face with the Mitchum’s message each time they went to the dry cleaners.

Subsequent contact with the brand occurred when the user reached into his closet to take out a shirt. Both campaigns ran in major cities in the Northeast, Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions, including New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington.

The Results
Purchase intent went up by 30%, said Tom Lauinger, vp-marketing for beauty care at Mitchum’s parent company, Revlon. Pleased with results, Mitchum repeated the program in 2007 for the launch of its Smart Solid antiperspirant and deodorant line. Now the company is in round three of the promotion, which kicked off in the Pacific Northwest earlier this month and runs through August. This time, however, Mitchum fans can benefit from a $1 coupon that’s attached. And there’s something in it for the ladies as well. “Research shows that most married men have a secondary viewership of the hanger because they share a closet or perhaps because they leave it out on the bed after taking their shirt off, or their wife goes to the dry cleaner for them,” said Hanger Network CEO Bob Kantor. “That’s why there’s a coupon for women, too.”

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