Goes Coast to Coast

CHICAGO will take its advertising national with a new campaign breaking this week.

In three new television spots from DDB Chicago, the online car sale site depicts the joy a shopper has in finding or selling a car through the Web venue. One spot shows a man and a car dealer exchanging different variations on the “high-five” handshake. Another depicts a husband and his skeptical wife finding the right buyer for their lime green hatchback. The new spots introduce the tagline, “Find the right car for you.”

“We wanted to convey that is a little more human and approachable than all the other automotive Web sites out there,” said Sean Bryan, creative director and copywriter at DDB, in a statement.

The spots will air on national cable networks such as CNN, CNBC, Discovery, ESPN and the Food Network., based in Chicago, is owned by Classified Ventures, a consortium of six media companies, including the Tribune Co., The Washington Post Co., Gannett Co. and Knight Ridder.

Billings for the campaign were not disclosed. spent just over $5 million on ads in 2003, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Most of its advertising had previously been done through the local media assets of its owners.

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