Carpeteria Will Remodel Retail Image

LOS ANGELES – Fotouhi Alonso here and its client of one year, Carpeteria, parted ways last week citing differences of opinion over the creative direction of the advertising.
Valencia, Calif.-based Carpeteria said it plans to do some soul searching concerning its future advertising direction before beginning a review for another agency to handle the creative portion of the $3.5-million account. The business could go in-house following that evaluation, said Stan Langer, Carpeteria’s director of advertising.
‘We really need to get our house in order. Otherwise we can potentially find ourselves in a similar situation where there are different points of view,’ Langer said.
The owners of privately held Carpeteria are ‘looking for their advertising to be a little less laden with character and personality and more straight to the retail point, which is to say, sell the floor covering,’ Langer added.
The image-retail conflict made for ‘a difficult year,’ said Steve Elson, evp/director of client services at Fotouhi Alonso.
Elson said agency and client came ‘to an impasse regarding creative and compensation.’
According to Langer, compensation was not an issue in the disagreement.
Carpeteria, which operates some 70 franchise and company-owned stores in six states, handles its own media buying.
As the recession has escalated, the home furnishings retailer has gradually decreased its ad budget. Media spending was up around $4.7 million in 1991.
Though the advertising has been multi-media, including broadcast and newspaper inserts, Carpenteria has recently emphasized promotional advertising.
Langer said that the company has not yet decided on a strategic direction for its future ads.
‘We have elected to take a look at what else is out there in terms of successful retail advertising,’ Langer said.
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