Carmichael Lynch Opens Up Bolla Wines’ Image

TV, Print Branding Campaign Builds On Brand’s Italian Heritage
CHICAGO–Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis attempts to capture the spirit of Italy in its new branding campaign for Brown-Forman Corp.’s Bolla wines.
The $6 million effort, which includes TV and print ads, marks a departure from previous work, which positioned the product as comfortable and relaxing, and a move toward a more focused, brand-image campaign, said Andrew Mansinne, brand director of Bolla wines.
“We felt the ‘comfort positioning’ was adequate, but it wasn’t superior,” Mansinne said. “The campaign was fine, but we were losing our edge.”
Jack Supple, Carmichael’s president, agreed, calling the wine-as-comfort-beverage niche “terribly crowded.” For the new campaign, he said, the agency set out to find out what made the Bolla brand special.
“When we’ve worked with any other brands, we go back to the enthusiast core [audience] to find out what it is they love,” Supple said.
The agency said it found the wine is popular for its Italian heritage, he said. As a result, the new campaign encourages consumers to embrace the Italian spirit of living in the moment, he added. Three TV spots were shot in Verona, Italy, to capture this spontaneous feel.
One spot, “Kiss,” features an Italian opera soundtrack and visuals of couples kissing. Copy encourages people to “kiss like you mean it,” followed by the campaign’s tagline, “Open up.”
“[Right now,] there’s no brand that people can attach themselves to,” said Mansinne. The campaign is intended to give the Bolla brand such an appeal, he said. The spots break Oct. 5 on cable and broadcast TV networks. Print executions began appearing in September issues of food and wine magazines.
Brown-Forman in Lexington, Ky., spent about $2 million on advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.