Carl’s Jr. Goes Big for Breakfast

CKE Restaurants continues to live up to its reputation of serving up “food porn” (as The Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, so colorfully called its Hardee’s Thickburgers).

This week, Carl’s Jr. introduced its “Monster Breakfast Sandwich.” Between two pieces of sourdough bread sit two eggs, two pieces of bacon, a sausage patty and cheese. Ads, via Mendelsohn/Zien Advertising, Los Angeles, tout the 750-calorie sandwich as “Breakfast as Big as Our Burgers.”

The new product, which retails for $2.89, joins Carl’s Jr. “Breakfast Burger” as a filling, inexpensive option. The introduction comes after sibling chain Hardee’s successful October launch of the 920-calorie “Country Breakfast Burrito.”

CKE has been unapologetic about its calorie-filled burgers and often sex-filled ads. While CSPI figuratively made the porn analogy to its food, watchdogs have made the literal assessment of its steamy ads