Cargill’s ‘Value-Priced’ Beef Hits Stores

Soaring grocery prices are prompting consumers to skimp on meat. So Cargill has launched its “Beef up your menu” campaign, introducing a line of eight value-priced beef cuts with brand names more appetizing than traditional labels for cuts.

Through research, Cargill, Wichita, Kan., found that as many as 30% of shoppers were cutting back on beef purchases. Instead of merely labeling some meats as top round or flank steak, the Cargill Meat Solutions unit is dressing up store meat cases with packs of Savran roast and Maranada steaks. The beef cuts are being introduced through POP and in-store recipe cards.

“By promoting a less expensive option, retailers can provide options for the value-conscious beef consumer,” said Elizabeth Desbien, Cargill’s brand manager, in a statement. “Retailers will still offer the better-known, middle meat cuts and there will always be consumers who will purchase those. But these newly positioned, mid-priced products allow retailers to provide another option to their customers who love beef, but who may be more price sensitive.”

Retail signage is honing in on the summer grilling season with menu cards, side dish recommendations and a shopping list that consumers can use in the store. Cargill’s intention is to keep beef as the center of the dinner plate, while overcoming consumers’ hesitancy to use unfamiliar beef cuts like inside skirt steak