CareerBuilder Pink-Slips Simian Stars

CHICAGO Job search site CareerBuilder bids adieu to its popular chimps in two commercials airing this weekend from Cramer-Krasselt.

One spot shows the apes—who have appeared in the Chicago company’s past two Super Bowl advertising efforts—acting up as somber music plays.

“It’s tough working with monkeys. And we’ve had enough,” reads text at the end of the ad. “Watch the CareerBuilder ads evolve. Feb. 4 on the big game,” which is a reference to the upcoming Super Bowl.

The company is trying to broaden its underlying positioning around job dissatisfaction by moving beyond the fussy primates, said Peter Krivkovich, CEO of the independent Chicago agency.

“The strategy we started out with focused on one aspect of job frustration: co-workers,” he said. “All of us know that frustration can take any number of forms, [such as] work environment or going to a seminar you didn’t want to go do. “

CareerBuilder will air one spot each during the second and third quarters of the Super Bowl. But the chimps, which have proven popular with the general public, will not appear. Complete details were not available, but Krivkovich said, “Instead of having jungle animals in your office, we’re taking the office to the jungle.”

The site this week launched a viral marketing campaign as a follow-up to its popular “Monk-E-Mail” effort from last year.

The new push, dubbed “Age-o-Matic,” allows job seekers to upload photos and age themselves 50 years to show how they will look if they remain in an unhappy work environment. (Humorous questions are asked about their jobs to underscore the point.)

“With Age-o-Matic, we will continue to focus on the theme of job dissatisfaction, a potent message that has enabled to connect with millions of consumers over the last two years,” said Richard Castellini, vp, consumer marketing at CareerBuilder.