A Career in Review

}The Advertising Women of New York and 350-plus ad honchos honored review consultant Leslie Winthrop last week at the Union League with a warmhearted toast ‘n’ roast that featured puckish praise for the woman who introduced AAR Partners to the U.S. in 1980.

Jokes about her penchant for hats and all things Escada and her lack of kitchen acumen were rampant. Tony DeGregorio, newly of Tierney Communications, acted out a show-and-tell of the contents of a typical Winthrop handbag, including such Judith Lieber items as a tiny, bejeweled notepad and a pen with a pull-out calendar. Donny Deutsch riffed on Winthrop’s no-nonsense persona, relaying career advice she once gave him: “First of all, stop acting like such a schmuck.” Hasan & Co.’s Hasan Ramusevic, who put in 10 years at AAR, read from Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, inserting details about Winthrop’s “small bladder” and love of “chitter-chatter.” BBDO’s Allen Rosenshine facetiously described her as “quiet, reserved, bashful, meek and withdrawn” and marveled at her knowledge of New York’s subways, while Wenda Harris Millard of Ziff Davis Internet said she has “a heart of gold.” Young & Rubicam’s Linda Srere said one word sums up Winthrop—”authenticity”—and showed a video montage of her life, wardrobe and involvement in such charities as United Jewish Appeal. To thunderous applause, Winthrop then accepted AWNY’s Lifetime Achievement Award, thanking all for the “eulogies” and saying she’s eager to begin the second half of her life.