Carat Fusion Exec Departs

NEW YORK Cory Treffiletti, a senior executive at Carat Fusion, said he would leave the interactive agency at the end of the month.

Treffiletti, who held the title of senior vice president and engagement architect, said he is mulling future options in the digital media arena. In the meantime, he said he is consulting for Klipmart, a New York-based Web video advertising firm.

The departure comes three months after Carat Fusion’s president, Toby Gabriner, departed to become CEO of Poindexter Systems, a New York site optimization firm. Jason Schulman, an executive vice president and strategist at Carat Fusion in Boston, joined Gabriner at Poindexter.

Aegis Group-owned Carat Fusion expects to name a new president shortly. Sarah Fay, president of Aegis’ Isobar digital agency network, is serving as interim president of the San Francisco agency.

Treffiletti was known for his work with clients in emerging digital advertising areas such as word of mouth, blogging and consumer-generated content.