Capturing An Agency

Pagano Schenck & Kay for years has featured a gallery showcasing the work of various artists, but its current exhibit renders some of its employees in a whole new way.
Illustrator Katherine Sandoz–a former account planner at the Boston shop who is currently pursuing a fine arts degree–was commissioned to do caricatures of some staffers. Sandoz used descriptions culled from interviews to come up with the colorful portraits. The results came as a surprise to some.
Copywriter Tim Cawley, known for his wit and fun-loving personality, appeared as a clown with a shock of bright-orange hair and a big, round nose.
Victoria Birk was portrayed as the “Patron Saint of Advertising,” beaming beatifically from beneath a veil.
Unlike Cawley and Birk, agency co-founder Woody Kay was not surprised by his portrait. The notoriously soft-spoken but obstinate creative director was drawn with a halo and horns. –Sarah Jones