Captivate to Run :30s on its Network

To make it easier for advertisers to adapt their TV ads to a digital network of screens in office elevators, Captivate Network said Wednesday (July 22) it would accept 30-second spots.

Before, the longest spot run on Captivate’s network of 8,900 screens in 1,000 office buildings was 15 seconds. In a down economy, offering advertisers the flexibility to easily repurpose a 30-second ad is probably a good idea.

“We deal with a variety of clients who all have different communications needs and sometimes even legal requirements for their advertising so having the ability to work with Captivate Network on different ad length options is important,” said Andrea Fairbairn, media supervisor for Mediacom.

While a 30-second spot may seem a bit long on an elevator ride, Captivate said that an average ride is about 45 seconds long.

“The new format will complement our other creative units – full screen brand integration, sponsorships, and our 15-second format,” said Mike DiFranza, president and founder of Captivate, owned by Gannett.