Canon Touts the Benefits of Its Office Products

Canon focuses on the rewards workers receive when they buy Canon office products in a humorous new campaign for its Imaging Systems Group from DCA Advertising.

In one TV spot, an office worker sits down to eat in the employee cafeteria, but because he found “a better printing solution from Canon,” he is served filet mignon and wine while other workers watch enviously.

Another commercial shows a woman getting off a bus to find a statue of herself situated in front of her office. A third spot shows an employee getting rewarded for choosing Canon products with the keys to the executive washroom.

A print ad features a parking space with the line “Reserved for Jack who saved the company $500,000 a year by eliminating overnight delivery” printed on it.

The three spots are scheduled to break on Oct. 7; six print ads are slated to debut on Sept. 23. Spending is estimated at $30 million.

All ads retain the New York shop’s 3-year-old tagline, “Know how.”

The Imaging Systems Group includes Canon’s digital copiers and printers, color copiers and scanners. DCA’s most recent ads for the group, which ran last year, employed a straightforward ap proach to focus on individual products, but the new effort “is more about solutions,” said Doug Fidoten, DCA evp, director of strategic planning.

Humor was used to “humanize” the new work, added Ron Rosen, DCA executive creative director, as “information can be so cold.”

TV ads will run during the World Series, on cable and in nine spot markets across the U.S. The print buy includes The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Business Week.