canned laughter

Shops have lost accounts. Ad people have lost jobs. But the Silicon Valley ad community hasn’t lost its sense of humor.

This year’s local Addy awards are built around the theme “Sale of the century.” The idea, says Janna Hathaway, chair of the Ad Club of Silicon Valley, reflects the discount prices being offered by members peddling their talent.

The “sale” involves some specially packaged canned goods. The invitation for the April 5 event, for example, includes a can of “Fried Creative Egos in Their Own Juices.” The label shows two hands slicing an Addy award on a plate.

“All the used ideas from the last century are on sale now,” said Glenn Davis, the artist who created the illustration.

Although Davis helped local shop CatapultDirect win several Addys last year, he was laid off. He did the invite work on a freelance basis.

“The downturn in the economy affected a lot of people,” he said. “But if there is one group of people that can laugh at themselves, it’s people in advertising.”