Candles on Parade

Looking to do something special for the Off the Street Club’s holiday party this year (which coincides with the youth charity’s 100th anniversary), officials from J. Walter Thompson took their cue from Chicago’s “Cows on Parade” exhibit.

The agency is asking benefactors of the organization to decorate a candle in a way that reflects the charity’s 100 years of existence, said Ann Brown, director of administration at JWT.

FCB Worldwide in Chicago is the first to respond to the request, calling on Jeffrey Conroy, who decorated the agency’s cow last year. Conroy’s candle features 100 photos of Off the Street Club children in a glass mosaic around the candle.

“I was trying to capture the spirit of the club in a candle,” said Conroy, who is a building engineer at FCB’s headquarters and a part-time creative for True North.