A Candidate With The Write Stuff

Jason Headley did not have an affair and then spirit the woman off to a foreign country. He did not dodge the draft. He has never hired an illegal alien. But yes, he admits, he does have a skeleton or two in his closet.

“I’ve got my spin team working on those, in case they come out,” he says. “I’m not above making my own Willie Horton ad. But I want to run a good clean campaign.”

Headley, 30, is currently running for office—his home office. He recently launched “Headley for Freelance,” a mock political campaign, to get himself more copywriting work. At campaign HQ (his apartment) in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, he has set up JasonHeadley.com, which looks just like a real campaign ’04 site. He is at work on spoof TV ads (which he’ll post online) and plans to send out e-mail updates to anyone who signs up on the site. Potential clients can also view his work online (some of it was done at Tenth Dimension and Cohn & Wells) and learn why “a vote for freelance is a vote for freedom.”

“The worst part of freelancing is looking for work,” Headley says. “I wanted to have a plan to bug people continuously but do it in an entertaining way. It’s a political year, and there’s so much to lampoon.”

The West Virginia native, who is also preparing to publish his first novel, has at least one vote in the bag: that of his wife. “She’s a supporter,” Headley says. “She brings home the regular paychecks. So she’s really mostly interested in the impact this will have on our own personal economy.”