Canada Campaign Sounds Call of the Wild

NEW YORK — The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has earmarked $12.5 million ($20 million Canadian) for an advertising campaign intended to spur both U.S. and Canadian citizens to travel throughout the country. Ads ?extolling the virtues of travel in Canada? will begin to appear on Nov. 14 and run through early 2002 on Canadian TV and in print. Ads on TV and in print in U.S. states that either border or are within driving distance of Canada will launch in 2002.

The total represents a $3 million-plus increase from what the CTC had intended to spend prior to the events of Sept. 11. In 2000, tourism generated more than $33 billion ($54 billion Canadian) for the Canadian economy and employed more than half a million Canadians, according to CTC president/CEO Jim Watson.

CTC is a government-run operation that works in partnership with several Canadian-based ad agencies, leading brands in the nation?s tourism industry and provincial and territorial governments to market Canada as a four-season destination, according to Brian Tobin, Minister of Industry and Minister responsible for the CTC.

?The Canadian government is asserting its leadership role in stimulating Canadian tourism to ensure that the funds will bridge the current market conditions to support the long-term vitality and sustainability of tourism in Canada,? said Tobin.