can i buy you a triscuit?

It appears creatives at J. Walter Thompson, perhaps excited about their new Miller Genuine Draft business, have beer on the brain.
A new print ad for Nabisco reads, “Beer is made from wheat. Triscuit is made from wheat. Any questions?”
What next? Spots showing two dogs stumbling down the sidewalk chanting, “I’m going to get me some Kibbles n’ Beer”?
Dennis Ryan, executive creative director at JWT Chicago, says the snack cracker work predated the agency’s win of the Genuine Draft account. But he conceded his years of beer experience (he was once group creative director on Anheuser-Busch at DDB) may have spilled over into the Triscuit brainstorming.
Even without the help of suds, JWT shared some laughs while searching for the brand essence of Triscuits, Ryan said.
One idea the client vetoed: “Ordinary crackers leave crumbs. These leave shrapnel.”
–Jenn Godd