A campaign for the new electronic version of

A campaign for the new electronic version of Hasbro’s Guesstures features a variety of groups—a Hispanic family, a group of hipsters, seniors and sorority girls—all gesturing wildly as they play the charades-like game. The scenes seem authentic, and they are: filmmaker Marilyn Agrelo, who touchingly documented a fifth-grade dance competition in Mad Hot Ballroom, was enlisted for the TV campaign, which breaks at the end of the month. Agrelo, who has never worked on spots before, was contacted by Arnold producer Anthony Migliaccio after he saw the film. The New York agency cast real people for the ads and filmed them in their own homes and hangouts playing an actual game of Guesstures. “I was impressed that Arnold had the vision and leap of faith to go this very unconventional route … and know it was going to be a genuine kind of piece in the end,” Agrelo says.