Campaign Introduces Altria

CHICAGO Altria Group, the company formerly known as Philip Morris, will break its first campaign Tuesday touting its new name and brand platform. The campaign from Leo Burnett here will include print and television executions appearing in financial publications and channels.

Print executions breaking tomorrow use dramatic photographs and copy to illustrate the company’s breadth and brands. One ad shows a suspension bridge with the headlines, “Where to do we grow from here?” Body copy goes on to tout the company’s brands such as Marlboro, Maxwell House and Nabisco. Another ad shows a tree with the headline, “What is Altria?” and further explains it is a “parent company whose branches are blue chip operating companies” Kraft Foods, Philip Morris International and Philip Morris USA.”

Television spots are expected to break in mid-February. Creative details could not immediately be determined. The print ads do not use the expected tagline, “Where people and performance make a difference” [Adweek, Dec. 16]. Spending was not known, though Philip Morris spent $80 million on corporate image advertising in 2001, according to CMR.

That effort showed Philip Morris employees bringing water to flood victims and aid to war refugees. The effort backfired when activists publicized that the company spent more promoting its good works than on actual assistance.