Campaign Backs Freelance Union

Cliff Freeman gets political in ads for Working Today

Cliff Freeman and Partners is getting serious, taking on an issue that its client hopes will become a political touchstone in the 2004 elections.

The New York shop launched a print and guerrilla-marketing campaign on May 1 for the Freelancers Union, a unit of Working Today. The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based nonprofit provides healthcare and other benefits to freelance workers.

The effort, the client’s first campaign, argues that independent contractors should be eligible for health insurance and other benefits, and is tagged, “Welcome to middle-class poverty.”

One ad reads, “You went to college. You work hard. You can’t afford health insurance.” Another argues, “The flaw with linking health insurance to your job: You better not lose your job.”

Four ads will run in The Onion, The Village Voice and outdoor in New York City.

“We need a new New Deal to support the interests of working people,” said Working Today founder Sara Horowitz. “We’re at a moment where Americans are facing an economic reality, and policymakers don’t even know what the problem is, much less how to address it.”

Cliff Freeman won the Working Today account in September without a review. The work was created by associate creative director Jason Gaboriau and team brand director Margaret Rimsky, among others.

Media spending on the campaign was undisclosed.