Cameo Appearances

Campbell-Ewald Advertising finds common ground between pickles, chicken and cars in a print campaign which breaks this month.
In an unusual coupling of brands, General Motors’ Chevrolet division teams its Cavalier with Vlasic pickles, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chiquita bananas in new two-page spreads.
The first page looks like an ad for something other than a car–such as Vlasic’s Hamburger Stackers pickles –but is missing small touches like Vlasic’s stork mascot.
Closer examination reveals a trail of webbed footprints that start at a sliced tomato in the Vlasic ad and continue into a Chevy Cavalier ad on the right-hand page. There stands the stork, eating a burger and admiring the car. Two other versions of the ad feature Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Col. Sanders and Miss Chiquita of Chiquita banana fame.
Though the pairings are unusual, each character is a familiar icon which communicates trust and dependability, said Bill Ludwig, chief creative officer of Warren, Mich.-based CEA, Chevrolet’s national agency. –Tanya Gazdik