As with the Camel cigarette ad on the previous

As with the Camel cigarette ad on the previous page, the sexual jeans ad shown here—for Diesel—did not have as large a male/ female split in terms of likability as most of the other sexual ads did. Partly, this may be because a male model is the central figure. Also, women might feel this is a “soft” sexual ad and thus not be turned off as strongly by it. The viewing paths also suggest that the visual behavior of people looking at this ad may be determined as much by the geometric style of it as by the sexual imagery.

Response to the nonsexual ads on this page was also curious. Ad effectiveness for most nonsexual ads (credit cards, cigarettes, alcohol) was almost identical for men and women. However, women responded better than men to both the nonsexual Polo jeans ad and the nonsexual Skechers ad. For the Polo ad, the male model again may be a factor. For the Skechers ad, MediaAnalyzer theorizes that it may have to do with the use of a celebrity, American Idol’s Carrie Underwood, who is more popular with women than men.