Calling ALL media

Because he’s been at the New England Broadcasting Association so long, Ron Wayland initially feared he’d become teary when the trade group officially changes its name to the New England Electronic Media Association next month.
Instead, the president of the Boston-based organization said he’s excited by the chance to embrace the booming interactive community.
“There’s a great convergence going on in media, and we have not done anything with our name to reflect that,” explained Wayland, who joined NEBA nearly 20 years ago. “It’s not so much a membership-drive issue as it is a reflection of reality. [New media] is where it’s going, and we don’t want to be dinosaurs.”
The name change will take effect after approval is given by NEBA’s board of directors, trustees and 900-plus members.
The initiative to change was due in part to Lisa DeSisto, vice president and general manager of The Boston Globe’s, who joined NEBA’s board last fall and is helping to organize the program and speakers for “New Media Day” on June 3.
–Sarah Jones