call of the wild

Communication is important in the wide open spaces of Alaska.
Porcaro Communications in Anchorage conveys that message in a dramatic new image campaign for telecommunications client GCI.
The centerpiece of the effort is a sweeping two-minute TV spot that explores the various ways people communicate. Shot in black and white in Alaska by a local crew and nonactors, the spot aims to connect with consumers on an emotional level, according to Mark Hopkin, vice president and creative director.
It cuts between various groups of people in everyday situations.
A small GCI logo appears subtly at the bottom of the screen at the beginning and the end. “Life is a journey that is best shared,” says a voiceover, concluding, “In the end, it’s the realization that we’re all connected.”
The campaign is a departure from the agency’s past efforts for the Anchorage-based company which focused on humor and special offers.
Three shorter executions–one 60- and two 30-second ads–are also airing.
–Angela Dawso