Call for Submissions: Adweek Hot List Expansion

Expanding to TV, publishing, digital and brands

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Adweek's annual Hot List honors standouts in the media, digital, TV and brand landscapes. Adweek

The Covid-19 pandemic has urged media organizations and brands to move faster than ever before to create new products to entice readers and fans—all while navigating a rocky advertising industry full of its own ups and downs.

To honor the remarkable storytelling from these companies despite these challenges, Adweek will publish our iconic Hot List in Digital, TV and Publishing in print and online on Oct. 26.

For most categories, we closed submissions earlier this month. But it has been an unprecedented year full of upheaval and challenges. For this unique year, we’re expanding our Hot List to capture notable wins from the brand community and b-to-b space.

Specifically, we’re adding an entirely new vertical—Brands—to the Hot List. The Brands Hot List will include the following categories:

  • Brand of the Year: The top brand that uses media platforms to engage consumers.
  • Hottest Brand Magazine: A branded magazine that has produced high-quality information to reach a new audience of consumers.
  • Hottest Brand Podcast: A remarkable podcast that was created by a brand.
  • Hottest Brand Social Experience: For keeping a brand relevant across social platforms.
  • Hottest Content Marketer: A person or team that has developed creative marketing solutions across brands.
  • Hottest Content Strategy: A plan that took a particular brand across media channels and gained traction to get in front of consumers.
  • Hottest Social Media Marketer: A person who has been behind the Twitter accounts that matter in 2020 offering excellent service/advice to fans.
  • Hottest Performance Marketer: A company or team that delivered results for brands.
  • Hottest Pandemic Pivot: A brand that navigated the Covid-19 pandemic particularly well.

Please send submissions to these categories to Diana Pearl ( by Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Additions to the Publisher Hot List categories:

  • Hottest b-to-b Publication: A publication that has kept a strong audience and grown (even in pandemic times).
  • Hottest b-to-b Newsletter: A newsletter that accurately summarizes the news while keeping readers engaged.
  • Hottest b-to-b User Experience: A b-to-b publication that respects the reader and takes all touch points into account.

Please send submissions to these categories to Sara Jerde ( by Wednesday, Sept. 30.