Relief workers from locations across the globe urge viewers to “make it happen” in a new campaign for Catholic Relief Services.

The work, by Gillespie in Princeton, N.J., features real-life CRS workers from relief stations in countries such as Bolivia and Haiti, with footage of their efforts.

Two 30-second TV spots, which begin rolling out today, open with a song that features the line, “We can make it happen.” In one ad, people harvest food. “These people are planting the seeds of the future,” says one CRS worker. “So am I.” Then a young girl is shown at school. “She’s learning about a world she never knew existed,” says an other worker. “So am I.”

The spots also relate how CRS cares for the ill in many countries. The ads urge viewers “to take action,” providing a Web address and phone number for CRS action kits. At the end, the workers say, “Together, we can make it happen.”

The effort targets a younger audience than CRS’ traditional base and encourages it to help in various ways, said Tom Conti, shop managing partner. “The purpose … was really to make the CRS brand relevant to a new generation,” he said.

Spots are running on broadcast and some cable in select markets. Print and radio are also in the mix.