Calise & Sedei Breaks Petmate Campaign

DALLAS Calise & Sedei introduces a national cable television campaign for two new Petmate products today.

The work for Arlington, Texas-based Doskocil Manufacturing, which makes pet products and supplies, is the first national television effort by the shop since it formed in February 2002.

In one 30-second spot by the Dallas agency, the viewer looks up at a pet’s water bowl to view the dirt and grime that collect there. At the end of the spot a cat is shown drinking out of the Fresh Flow water purification system. Voicecopy: “A purifying pet fountain that cleans, filters and helps keep pets healthier.”

“Looking up at the bowl gives a more honest perspective,” said agency principal and executive creative director Don Sedei. “It leans on the idea that it’s an instinct for animals to go to fresh flowing water.”

Another 30-second spot shows cat owners hurriedly taking out their cat litter to avoid the smell. Narration: “Taking out the cat litter is a messy, smelly, nasty walk that no one likes to take. Now you don’t have to. Keep you house odor free in just three simple steps.” The spot closes with a woman putting the cat litter in the new Petmate LitterLocker.

“It’s very raw and basic in the sense that if you have pets and you’re cleaning the litter box, it’s a smelly, messy job and we’re relating to them in the most honest way that you can,” Sedei said.

The spots will run nationally on Animal Planet, ABC Family, TNN and TNT. There will also be print support.

Calise & Sedei said it won the business in January following a review with undisclosed contenders. Spending on the account and the campaign are undisclosed.