California Avocados Made Fun Recipe Videos Around Each Super Bowl Food Ad

MullenLowe shows how anything can pair with avocados

The California Avocado Commission had one of cooler Twitter stunts going during Super Bowl 50—all connected to the food advertisers on the game.

Every time a food or beverage ad aired, California Avocados posted a video on Twitter showing how it might pair with avocados—everything from Budweiser to Snickers. MullenLowe's Los Angeles office worked with chef and food stylist Cassandre Bailleau to make fun, fast-paced, great-looking recipe videos that show the pairings.

And the weirder, the better.

There were nine videos in all. In a first for MullenLowe LA, they were all filmed, edited and produced on location at Yeti, the office's in-house production company.

"It's way more fun being a challenger," MullenLowe L.A. executive creative director Margaret Keene told Adweek. "We all know brands will be doing social campaigns on Sunday. Smart, scrappy brands find ways to piggyback on big-brand hashtags and conversations, but honestly, we just wanted to come up with something fun that people could actually make and talk about during the game."

The chef and stylist, Ballieau, works with the TasteMade network and happens to be the fiancée of the director and editor on the project, Adrian Ursu.

"Our big epiphany was swapping out butter for creamy California Avocados," Keene says. "Then the recipes really came together. It became a crazy, impromptu cooking show. We kept challenging her with ingredients like Skittles, Budweiser, and Pepsi, and she magically made the recipes delicious."

Were the results actually edible? Says Keene: "Everyone just wanted to eat the food. We had to slap a lot of hands away so we could finish filming." 

See more the other videos below. 

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