Califorinia Milk Advisory Board “Alicia”

The audition clip as TV commercial has become as common an ad theme as the reality TV phenomenon that spawned it. The California Milk Advisory Board is the latest advertiser to hitch its campaign to the trend with a new “Happy Cows” campaign from Deutsch/LA that has bovines from all over the world clamoring for a chance to move to California and join the jovial herd. Consumers will get a chance to vote online for their favorite. In one spot breaking today, a teen from a “town that you’ve never heard of” tries to explain the reasons why she should be picked. Top of her list, her friend said she wouldn’t make it. “And I said, yes I will and she said no you won’t … ” Luckily her irritating younger brother gets in the way and disrupts the scene as he runs through her audition set, knocks down the camera and taunts, “You smell like cheese.” The spot directs viewers to to cast their votes and ends with the voice of the younger sibling pleading, “Don’t vote for Alicia.” Will the new members of the California cow camp help keep the eight-year-year campaign fresh? The aspiring cows with the most votes will be revealed next October. >–Eletheria Parpis