COMING TO LIFE The Art Directors Club of New York will host a new exhibition, “Drawings That Walk and Talk: Art of The Ink Tank,” at the Art Directors Club Gallery, 106 W. 29th St., New York. The multimedia installation, by animation studio Ink Tank, will demonstrate the art and process behind animating images, and will feature work by Michel angelo, Picasso and Maurice Sendak, among others. Sept. 13-28. Opening reception: Sept. 13, 6-8 pm. To reserve for the reception, call (212) 643-1440 or e-mail

CORPORATE DECISIONS The Conference Board will hold its 2001 Corporate Communication and Technology Conference at the Hilton New York, located at 1335 Sixth Ave. in New York. The conference, presented with assistance from Watson Wyatt Worldwide and Logical Design Solutions, will feature executives from various companies discussing how to build credibility in the digital era and improve Internet strategies. Topics include positioning communication for improved results and interacting and responding to employee needs. Sept. 20-21. To register, call (212) 339-0345. A copy of the program is available on the board’s Web site,