chicago/oct. 4
The 4A’s sponsors a daylong seminar with the theme, “Branding the Agency: Communicating and Managing Identity,” with keynote speaker Donny Deutsch of Deutsch in New York. The University of Chicago Downtown Center. For info, call Martha Brown at (212) 953-5665.
kansas city/oct. 7
The Kansas City Direct Marketing Association sponsors “DM Day.” The theme is “Creating the Right Chemistry,” with keynote speaker Ernan Roman of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing Corp. discussing “How to Achieve Double-Digit Response.” For info, call (816) 561-5323.
minneapolis/oct. 7
The Creative Summit, sponsored by the 4A’s Twin Cities Council, will begin at
1 p.m. at The Quest. The Show, sponsored by the Ad Fed and the Art Directors and Copywriters Club, is at 5 p.m. at International Market Square. For info, call Chris Neubeck at (612) 347-1458.
chicago/oct. 14
The Broadcast Advertising Club of Chicago sponsors “Gutter Bowl, a Night of Xtremes,” at the AMF Marina City Lanes at 5 p.m. For info, call Ross Currie at (312) 397-6320 or Lisa Blatt at (312) 552-6925.