The Atlanta chapter of Ad2, the organization for young advertising professionals, is in the middle of its annual recruitment drive. Guests, who are invited to the next meeting free, can join at a $10 discount. The event will be held at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Buckhead. Info:
(404) 264-6223

SEPT. 15
The Art Institute of Atlanta will host a networking luncheon and portfolio show, including exhibits of electronic imaging, advertising design and graphic displays. Info: (404) 266-1341
SEPT. 17

The Tampa Bay, Fla., chapter of Ad2 will hear guest speaker Greg Foster, general sales manager for the local Pax TV affiliate, WXPX-TV, discuss the network’s recent launch and its advertising and marketing plans. The meeting will take place in Teco Plaza in downtown Tampa. Info: (813) 229-5697
SEPT. 24