Cake, Centennial and Christians Converge at Beaird

The Beaird Agency has tallied an estimated $3 million in billings after acquiring three new accounts.

Celebrity Bakery-Cafe Takery in Dallas assigned Beaird its marketing and advertising duties. The Dallas shop also won new business from the city of Irving, Texas, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, based in Kansas City, Mo.

Beaird scored Celebrity Bakery’s business after presenting the restaurant chain with a new logo and brand identity, including exterior and interior designs for planned future restaurants throughout the Dallas area. Celebrity, which specializes in cakes, cookies and pastries in addition to traditional deli fare, operates six Dallas-area locations and one in Austin, Texas. The chain plans to open cafes in Colleyville and Frisco, Texas, later this year.

“They have operated, quite frankly, for a long time without any advertising at all,” said agency president Brice Beaird. “We want to help them with merchandising and planning so that they’ll be primed for future growth.”

For the city of Irving, the agency will design a residence guide and calendar for its upcoming 2003 Centennial Celebration. Creative director Bucki Rogers said unique use of black-and-white photographs of the city’s landmarks helped Beaird win the business.

“We’re creating a calendar that not only tells about the city, but shows the city in the best possible way,” Rogers said.

The shop will undertake several projects for FCA, a sports ministry with more than 270 affiliates that use athletes and coaches as role models to spread the gospel. Beaird will implement a 3-D merchandise design program for FCA’s newly renovated headquarters and handle marketing for the group’s 50th anniversary celebration, scheduled for the spring of 2004.

“We want their renovated headquarters to have more of a sports visual tie-in while still maintaining a strong feeling of fellowship,” Beaird said.