Cablevision Set to Break New Ads

NEW YORK-Berlin Cameron & Part ners is launching a new campaign for Cablevision Systems that urges customers to stay with the cable provider instead of switching to satellite TV.

Four 30-second TV spots are expected to break later this month in the New York metropolitan area. Each ad shows a person asleep while satellite TV is on; actor Ray Liotta pro vides the voiceover.

In “Monster,” a man sleeps on his couch as his TV screen shows a giant lizard destroying buildings and stomping through the streets of Manhattan. Liotta suddenly speaks through the monster: “Hey you! Couch potato! Wake up! You’re missing New York.” Then the sleeper’s eyelids flutter.

Another spot shows a child sleeping in her bed as a newscaster talks, telling the kid to wake up because she has just won the lottery.

The spots imply that subscribers will miss local news and sports programs on Cablevision networks if they switch to satellite TV. The tag: “Just watch us. Cablevision.”

Agency creative director Izzy DeBellis said satellite TV companies represent the primary competition for cable companies, hence the new positioning.

The client recruited the shop for the project work this past October. Kir shen baum Bond & Partners in New York had the account from 1998-99; its work mostly touted the client’s local networks, such as MSG, via billboards.

Cablevision spent about $5 million on advertising from January through October 2000, per Competitive Media Reporting.