CAA Wants to Turn Coke Spot Into Sitcom

HOLLYWOOD – If Creative Artists Agency has its way, one of the new Coca-Cola Classic TV spots it created will have more than a 30-second life span. Sources say the talent agency is shopping an adaptation of the spot, titled ‘Polar Bears,’ as a sitcom. Among those who have reportedly been approached by CAA are NBC and a handful of TV production companies. A source close to CAA confirmed that the talent agency is pursuing this. The spot, featuring digitized Polar Bears who chill out with Coke, has been among the most popular of the new package of spots, both with consumers and bottlers, according to sources. An earlier Coke commercial, Max Headroom, did a short stint as a TV series. It’s not clear whether L.A. special effects house Rhythm & Hues, which produced ‘Polar Bears,’ would participate.
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